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Sunday 29th of May 2022

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Engineering Supplies (Peterborough) Ltd are Major suppliers of New & Used Sawing Machines. Whether its a Vertical or Horizontal Bandsaw, a Coldsaw or the more modern CNC Saw the basic concept of these machines have been in use for many years to cut a variety of different size and shaped sections from a variety of different materials. The first bandsaw was invented by William Newberry in 1807 and as our understanding of metal working has improved so has the quality and lifespan of metal working saws. Please view our selection of New and Used vertical and horizontal bandsaws from manufacturers like Astra, Ajax, Forte, Jaespa, Startrite, Thomas, Qualters and Smith & Wicksteed. For all your Sawing requirements we are sure that you will find what you want from ESP Machinery, however please do contact us if you do not find from our current stocks your exact requirements.