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Sunday 29th of May 2022

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Sheet Metal Machines

Please select a type of Sheet Metal Machines from the list below.

We always carry a stock of sheet metal machines from top manufacturers such as Amada, Edwards, Guifil, Keetona, Kingsland, Morgan, Pearson, Promecam and others. These machines are used to achieve a great range of products and finishes. Navigating the sections above, you will find out more about... Press brakes - used for bending and folding the metal. Rolls - for easy working of your sheets. Folders - For folding. Guillotines - For a clean cut of the material you're working with. Presses - Fly and kick sheet metal presses. Turret Punches - Easy perforation with a wide range of applications. Click on the links above to start browsing through our guillotines and other machines. We've organised this section into subsections to help you find the machinery type you require.