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Bridgeport Milling Machines

We stock a range of Bridgeport Turret Mills & Milling Machines.

Turret mills are one of ESP Machinery's more popular machines and highly sought after - not surprising as they are highly versatile and can easily be repositioned to help make it easier for you to machine a work piece.

Bridgeport manufacture a great range of horizontal and vertical milling machines and Turret mills; so we're proud to carry such a varied stock from this respected and industry leading manufacturer.

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Bridgeport Turret Mills

More information about Bridgeport and their mills -

The revolutionary new vertical mill was designed in 1936 by Rudolph Bannow, with manufacturing prompty commencing in 1938. The Bridgeport Turret Mill was born. Often referred to as a turret mill as it has a rotating turret like head. Since this day, Bridgeport have become the dominant force since that day in milling machines, with an estimated 250,000+ mills built and still being produced.