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Sunday 14th of August 2022

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Colchester Centre Lathes & Machines...

If you're looking for a Colchester centre lathe we have a wide range of Colchester machinery available; including the renowned Triumph 2000 centre lathe - all viewable at our central showroom in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Our stock of machinery is updated weekly and with around 400 instock at any time, we're confident we will have the lathe, grinding machine or drilling machine for your needs.

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Colchester Centre Lathes

Colchester Triumph 2000

More about Colchester -

Now called Colchester - Harrison, it is the combined history and expertise of The Colchester Lathe Company and TS Harrison and Sons. Given that The Colchester Lathe Company was first established in 1897 and TS Harrison established a year later, the combined knowledge and background of these two companies within the Colchester-Harrison brand is unrivalled. The Colchester Triumph 2000 lathe is perhaps one of their best known and loved centre lathes.