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Used Machine Tools from ESP Machinery

Well-constructed machine tools serve the important function of enabling the fabrication of a wide variety of tools. There are countless varieties of machine tools to suit a wide range of applications, whether one has the need for a drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine or CNC machine. Used machine tools are an affordable alternative to purchasing new equipment, and the longevity of well-made machine tools ensures that a used machine tool will serve the machinist faithfully for as long as a more costly new tool.

To properly evaluate the utility of a used machine tool, it is useful to look back on the evolution of this class of equipment over the past few centuries. The history of machine tools is rich in ingenuity, with humble beginnings in the manually powered devices of the 18th century designed to provide the operator with the tools of his trade. As the machines became more complex, an industry arose specialising solely in the construction of machine tools, and with the advent of this new industry came greater specialisation in the trade of machine tool manufacturing.

The control of machine tools has evolved immensely from its early days of manual control. Operation of the earliest machine tools required a master machinist to direct the machine tool in the desired movements necessary to construct any tool he might wish to manufacture. Major advancements in machine tool control came with the advent first of numerical control (NC) and later computerised numerical control (CNC), which allowed for not only more complex machining tasks, but also for greater reproducibility of the tools being manufactured. Both NC and CNC machines allow for the efficient production of specialised tools, while at the same time eliminating the requirement of having a highly skilled operator present to control the machine.

Additional functions have been engineered into some modern machines that provide ways to save time by eliminating the need to manually exchange tools or move objects between different machines during the manufacturing process. In addition to enabling the automated control of a machine tool as it works, some modern machines are also capable of automatically exchanging the components of a machine tool for different types or sizes depending on the specific tool being machined. Further advances in machine tool technology can be seen in modern CNC mills, which serve to combine multiple machine tools into a single space. Rather than require the operator to manually move an object being manufactured between different stations, a CNC mill automates this process by uniting multiple machines under computerised control.

The plethora of machine tools available today goes hand in hand with the varied needs of each machinist. While the choice between a well-built classic piece of equipment and a more modern fully automated model might be left to personal choice, choosing a machine of good quality is vital.

From grinding machines to CNC mills with automatic tool changers, used machine tools purchased from a trustworthy vendor are an excellent value.

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